Explaining Binary Options For Beginners


Today we will talk about binary options for beginners. We will explain about the basics of options and throw light on the important pathways and factors of these options. Let’s begin by explaining the term.

The term Binary options are basically very elementary trading features that come with standard risk and profit making rewards. Because the outcome involved with this type of trading is only of two types- either profit or loss, the term binary option was coined to this. If you are an investor, then you will visualize if the invested asset is going to increase in value in the future or not. Based on your own prediction you proceed with the trade. You will invest your money based on this prediction only. The investor will know the amount of money that will be acquired by him if the investor is going to make the right decision of predicting what is going to happen in the future. If your assumptions and predictions work the way you thought of then you, the investor would get back the profit you are intended to receive and the initial amount of money that you traded in the market. On a general analysis the returns that you get for trading the money in the market is around 70-80%.

There are certain terms that a beginner needs to be familiar with if he is entering the binary options trading market. These terms are very important for his prospects in the market.


  1. Expiry Time: The expiry time is defined as the stretch of period for the investor since the time of purchase of the option bond till the time it finally closes the deal. There are variations in the expiry time. It could be anything from few seconds to minutes or it can also drag to length of months. A large chunk of the investing traders performs the trading actions by using small units of binary options. For example, 60 seconds or half a minute.

  2. Strike Price: The strike price in binary options terms means the amount or the value that the investor uses to join the trading club. Basically it is the initial amount that he uses to perform the trade. The strike price is the price that helps in carving the future of the investor, i.e., if he is going to make profit or loss.

  3. Payout Offer: The term payout offer refers to the returns that the investor gets from the binary options broker agent. The payout offer amount is known to investor before pushes in his money for trading.

In these options, there are many types available for the user to use for trading purpose. There are simple and complex types of options available. As a beginner the trader needs to equip himself with few strategies which will enable him to make more profits. In this option trading there are few tools that an investor can use to help him grow his profits. There are new tools and old reliable tools that would help him everywhere in his trading area. Before you being to trade using it is very essential for you as a trader to be aware of few important point of the trade. These points will help you in safe and profitable trading.

  • The more the trade-in investment you make, the more is your risk involved.

  • You can always begin to trade with very small amount.

  • The loss in the trade needs to be borne by you.

  • There is always a risk factor involved no matter how safe you play.

  • To make profits you need to sustain in the trade.